Meeting with the trade unions on the state of the Company

Mar 11 1992
Mar 11 1992

On 11 March, the Chairman and the Office of Personnel meet with trade union organizations to discuss the “overall state of the enterprise”. On this occasion, a greater involvement in the Company’s choices is prompted, while respecting roles and autonomies. More specifically, the following topics are proposed for discussion:

  • balance sheet
  • business strategies and project for Subsidiary Agencies
  • distribution network

The Chairman illustrates the market difficulties and the strong loss in MV TPL especially for Unipol, which holds a strong share, and expresses the need for a rapid adjustment to motor vehicle insurance rates.

The aim of strengthening equity through a capital increase is also illustrated and the investments made in recent years aiming at also enhancing control of the Company by the cooperative system are also illustrated. The policy for business recovery and technical ratios are also illustrated. At this meeting, the project “quality of service and quality of work” is also explained as a moment of employee involvement.