About Us

UnipolPay S.p.A. is an electronic money institution (istituto di moneta elettronica, IMEL) duly authorized to provide payment and electronic money services in Italy.

UnipolPay was created for the purpose of offering users an innovative payment solution that may accompany and aid consumers in their daily actions, in particular with reference to their needs in the areas of mobility, health, home and financial education.


Registered office: Via Stalingrado 37, 40128 Bologna (BO)

Certified e-mail (PEC): unipolpay@pec.unipol.it


Board of Directors

Laterza Matteo Lovati Giacomo Leonardo Rubattu Renato Giovannini Lusignani Giuseppe

PSD2 Gateway

Under European Directive 2015/2366 (PSD2), accounts opened with different banks and payment service providers may now communicate with each other. With the aim of creating a more integrated and efficient European payments market, PSD2 has introduced new services that allow authorized third parties (third-party providers or TPPs) to gain access to information on the balances and transactions of your online account or to activate payment transactions directly from your account.

In line with the PSD2 objectives, by joining the CBI Globe platform, implemented by CBI S.c.p.a., UnipolPay allows TPPs to exchange information and make online payments using its accounts.

How to operate with UnipolPay as a TPP?

In order to use the dedicated API interface of UnipolPay as a Third-Party Provider (TPP), you must register with the CBI Globe platform and follow the required registration process, which also includes loading the eIDAS certificates.

Upon completion of the procedure, TPPs will have the possibility to:

  • access the API Portal and view the technical specifications of the interfaces. In addition to the general specifications of CBI Globe, a document called Annex is available on the API Portal containing details of the UnipolPay interfaces to further facilitate integration activities;

  • carry out interview tests with the UnipolPay API in the Sandbox environment (using the testing user accounts specified in the document called Annex) and integrate production APIs.

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Company details

UnipolPay S.p.A.

Tax Id. No. / V.A.T. No. 03961561200
Register of companies: Bologna 03961561200
R.E.A. (Business Admin. Index): 558961
Share capital: €27,350,000.00
Registered office: Via Stalingrado 37 - Bologna