In 2014, the Unipol Group embarked on a path that led to the creation of an integrated platform that monitors progress and supervises critical issues, directing the Company towards initiatives capable of improving and protecting its reputation assets. The focus of the 2022-2024 three-year period will be to guarantee the deployment and internal actionability of insights that emerged from the analysis of the Group’s reputation with key stakeholders, in order to support the positioning of Unipol, especially with regard to “Mobility, Welfare and Property” ecosystems in line with the “Opening New Ways” Strategic Plan, and to maintain its reputation leadership in the sector.

Our strategy and objectives for 2024


• Year Zero

• Monitoring of General Public, Institutions and Opinion Makers starts


• Architecture of the Reputation Management program is developed

• Monitoring of the Financial Community starts


• Monitoring of insurance Customers, Employees and Agents starts

• Reputation index is included in the Group’s Risk-Appetite Statement

• Media monitoring and intelligence system based on reputation dimensions is launched


• Reputation leadership in the financial-insurance sector (RepTrakR Italy ranking)


• Reputation leadership in the financial-insurance sector (RepTrakR Italy ranking)


• Reputation leadership in the financial-insurance sector (RepTrakR Italy ranking)

• Reputation becomes part of the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan Mission Evolve, as an objective and as an asset

• Monitoring of Customers who use Ecosystem services starts

• Reputation index is included as a target for Group Managers in the MBO system


• Reputation leadership in the financial-insurance sector (RepTrakR Italy ranking)

• Integrated Reputation governance model is approved

• Reputation Risk Index of news in the media becomes operational

• Corporate units for the proactive management of Reputation are created (Reputation Management operational team, Reputation Network)


• Reputation Supporters are created in corporate areas


• Reputation becomes part of the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan Opening New Ways, as an objective and as an asset

• Reputation Management Program contributes to improving the Group’s ESG rating by S&P


• Reputation leadership in the financial-insurance sector

• Reputation KPI dashboard is created to compare perceptions with company events



The matching between the stakeholders' expectations and the vision of the Group's Top Management on role and identity of Unipol in the medium term also made it possible to define the reputational promise with respect to the dimensions that contribute to the generation of value.



  1. Provides safe, reliable products and services that keep promises
  2. Ensures timely claims management
  3. Provides products and services that are transparent and easily understood by all customers
  4. Comprehensively responds to requirements linked to mobility, healthcare, pension schemes and home protection, combining insurance policies with innovative services
  5. The completeness of coverage, quality of the service and unique nature of the range of products and services are worth the price
  6. Guarantees maximum assistance and professionalism in managing customer relations at all stages of the contract, offering suitable, customised solutions on the basis of their needs
  7. Makes a vast range of contact points available (network of agencies, apps, digital channels, bancassurance channel) to ensure speed, accessibility and a positive, fluid relationship between the insurance company and the customers


  1. It is capable of collecting, organising and managing data to add benefits to customer solutions
  2. It has updated tools, skills and infrastructure in line with technological developments in the industry
  3. It is committed to digitalising its services in terms of both accessibility through various channels and the forms of payment available to customers
  4. It has an innovative, distinctive range of products and services


  1. It remunerates employees adequately
  2. It is “made up” of people who love their jobs
  3. It values and promotes inclusivity at work
  4. It takes care of the health and wellbeing of its employees

Conduct (Governance)

  1. It operates fairly and ethically
  2. It has pro-active relations with institutions to define policies in areas of national interest (healthcare, pension schemes, new mobility, climate change, etc.)
  3. Its relations with its stakeholders are transparent


  1. It proposes insurance solutions that take account of the environmental impacts
  2. It invests and funds initiatives linked to the world of sport, culture and youth
  3. It is particularly attentive and active in environmental, social and corporate governance and sustainability, incorporating these considerations into its industrial and financial strategies
  4. It supports the territory, communities and people


  1. It has charismatic leadership
  2. It has a network of highly specialised agencies spread throughout the national territory and integrated with the digital channels made available by the Group
  3. Its management is capable of interpreting and managing market challenges
  4. It is a step ahead of other insurance companies
  5. It plays a key role in the financial sector


  1. It guarantees financial performance that is in line with or better than the industry average
  2. It has excellent growth prospects
  3. It always keeps its promises in terms of results
  4. The asset structure in the long term is solid and sustainable

For each of the RepTrak® reputational factors, the Unipol scorecard indicates the specific attributes that define the promise of Unipol: what Unipol wishes to become and has made a commitment for.

The scorecard is the compass for engagement activities: it is used as a metric for the stakeholders’ assessment in regular surveys and as a filter for interpreting/classifying (off and online) media content and for the subsequent analysis of issues and sentiment.

The scorecard also guides the mapping of reputational risk scenarios for the purpose of an all-round protection of reputational capital.