Human Resources

The Unipol Group is aware of its responsibility to protect, comply with and promote human rights and fundamental liberties for everyone, the values of diversity without distinction between gender, race, language, religion, age, sexual orientation and gender identity, political or trade union beliefs, origin, disability or other personal conditions.

In compliance with Principles I and II of the Global Compact, the Unipol Group undertakes to identify, where possible, prevent and reduce potential breaches of human rights connected directly or indirectly to its business activities.

The Group recognises and places value on the protection of employment, and over the course of the years, has modelled policies, relationships, incentives and bonuses for workers on the Global Compact principles that constitute the system, investing in multiple instruments relating to human capital: from the promotion of equal opportunities, training and development plans to health insurance and the security of employees and initiating a welfare system to improve wellbeing.


All employees in Italy are covered by the sector collective agreements and they represent over 90% of the Group's employees.

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