Board Committees

The Board of Directors, within the scope of the powers attributed by the By-Laws and in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its actions, has set up specific internal committees with advisory, consulting and preparatory functions to support the Board, defining their tasks and operating methods in line with the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code observed by the Company. 

Strategic Committee

  • Gian Maria Balducci;
  • Mario Cifiello;
  • Carlo Cimbri; Presidente
  • Ernesto Dalle Rive;
  • Daniele Ferrè;
  • Roberto Pittalis;
  • Carlo Zini.

Nomination, Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee

  • Carlo Cimbri; Presidente
  • Roberta Datteri;
  • Claudia Merlino.

Remuneration Committee

  • Ernesto Dalle Rive;
  • Patrizia De Luise; Presidente
  • Cristina De Benetti;

Control and Risks Committee

  • Daniela Becchini;
  • Massimo Desiderio; Presidente
  • Paolo Fumagalli;
  • Anna Maria Trovò.

Committee for Transactions  with Related Party

  • Cristina De Benetti;
  • Massimo Desiderio;
  • Paolo Fumagalli; Presidente
  • Anna Maria Trovò.