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Unipol Group and UnipolSai talk about themselves through institutional and product advertising campaigns conveyed through the main media channels.

Corporate Initiatives

Helping each other, supporting each other, giving each other a hand. It is a tangible gesture of great importance. And in these delicate times of emergency for our country it is even more decisive.

Sempre un passo avanti

UnipolSai Assicurazioni’s leadership and innovation at the heart of the new multimedia advertising campaign.

For this new and important advertising project, UnipolSai chose actor Alessandro Gassmann to endorse the company as the prestigious interpreter of the ability to predict the future and be “always one step ahead”. This distinctive trait at the basis of the campaign’s creative concept emphasizes the authority, expertise, reliability and versatile offer of innovative solutions and highly technological services.


In this section a major selection of advertising campaigns, supporting initiatives and our brand evolution throughout the years.

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