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In 2016, the Unipol training structure was enriched and strengthened with the creation of the Unipol Corporate Academy (Academy Unipol), which reunited the training of employees and the network of agencies in a single institution.

The technical-managerial training, designed to improve the skills of people and promote their professional growth, supplements the training focused on compliance with current national and industry regulations (e.g. in the area of health and safety, insurance activities, governance requirements, etc.).

This activity is enriched with training and experiential courses aimed at new and developing young employees with the company. Created in collaboration with leading training organisations and with the contribution of the most interesting Italian and multinational businesses in other sectors, the courses encourage sharing, fostering growth in a professional world with interesting prospects.

For example, the Unipol Insurance Master Program offers groups of select recent graduates the chance to acquire broad-reaching, transversal knowledge and expertise on the Group’s business and organisation, from the point of view of processes and functions, as part of a course that combines training and practical experience in different company departments.

Meanwhile, the Unipol Innovation Laboratory, which has already been used by around 150 Group talents, aims to promote cross-functionality and the development of innovative business proposals. There are also training courses focused on onboarding and growth in roles more closely connected with the insurance core business (e.g. claims handlers, actuaries, etc.)

For the distribution networks, projects are held to develop new role expertise and drive innovation in the management of agencies and the business.

Every year, around 40,000 people on average are involved in training activities, and in the first four years of the Academy over 4.4 million hours of training were provided with 2 million presences on the courses.

In 2019, the training initiatives (including those accessed remotely) involved over 38,000 people with over 470,000 presences on the courses.

Value of training*

training hours
average of training per employee

* Fonte: Unipol Gruppo S.p.A. - 2023 Integrated Consolidated Financial Statements; Last update: Aprile 2024.

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