Annual Report

The “Annual Report on Corporate Governance” incorporates the recommendations contained in the Corporate Governance Code, reflects its revisions and implements the changes necessary in terms of Governance System and operating procedures.

The governance system of Unipol Gruppo incorporates the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies, monitoring the development of the same and implementing any necessary changes to its own governance system and operational procedures.

The “Annual Report on Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure” prepared by the Group each year contains summary data on ownership structure as well as information on the governance system and compliance with the Corporate Governance Code.

The document includes information regarding the operation of corporate bodies, the internal control and risk management system, the remuneration of directors and key management personnel, rules for the processing of confidential information and material financial transactions, atypical or unusual, with related parties.

The report also contains information on the Internal Dealing regulations, the Organisational and Management Model (OMM), without forgetting the Charter of Values and Code of Ethics that characterise the Group.