Remuneration Report

The Remuneration Report, drawn up pursuant to Article 123-ter of the Consolidated Law on Finance, illustrates the policies adopted by Unipol Group with regard to the remuneration of members of the administration and control bodies (the “Corporate Bodies”), the General Manager and the Key Management Personnel of the Company.

The remuneration policies of the Company also comply with the guidelines on remuneration provided in the Corporate Governance Code.

The Report is divided into two sections:

  • the First Section outlines the remuneration policies adopted by Unipol Group for the current financial year and the procedures followed for the adoption and implementation thereof;
  • the Second Section provides adequate representation of each of the items comprising remuneration and shows, by name, remuneration paid by the Company in the previous year for any reason and in any form to members of the Corporate Bodies and the General Manager and, in aggregate form, to the Key Management Personnel of the Company.

The Report also provides information on any shares held by the aforementioned persons in the Company and its subsidiaries. 

Last updated:Apr 24 2024