The Integrated Report of the Unipol Group focuses on the most significant issues for the core business of the Group and its stakeholders, as required by current regulations (Legislative Decree 254/16).

The identification of the most relevant issues, those that dwell on the interests and expectations of the stakeholders with respect to the Group on the one hand and the strategic priorities of senior management on the other, is the result of the materiality analysis process which is closely linked to and influenced by the strategic planning processes according to the vision of the Unipol Group. The analysis currently published was carried out in conjunction with the drafting of the 2019 - 2021 Strategic Plan (Mission: Evolve” and formed the basis of the non-financial report for the three years of said Plan. The methodological references that guided the materiality analysis process include the “Sustainability Reporting Standards” of the Global Reporting Initiative, the IIRC guidelines and the Guidelines on the communication of non-financial information of the European Commission.

The materiality analysis was organised into the following stages:

Identification of the relevant issues

The relevant issues were mapped by considering multiple inputs that were internal and external to Unipol; the internal inputs included special attention being paid to the Observatory results for the tracking and management of emerging and reputational risks for the Group.

Identification of the priority issues

The order of priority of the issues was defined by taking a two-dimensional approach:

  1. the assessment of the strategic relevance of the issues for the Group, established by considering the company model, the main strategies and risks and the impact of Unipol business activities, was concluded by carrying out individual interviews with the Unipol Group and UnipolSai central management, and validated by the General Manager and Group CEO;
  2. 2. the relevance for stakeholders, defined by considering the main issues in the industry, public policies and regulations, was concluded by listening to the Group stakeholders to find out more about the interests and expectations of the interested parties. To this end, the Group created a comprehensive listening process in 2019 that involved corporate customers (through interviews), retail customers (through surveys), employees and agents (with focus groups), representatives of the organisations that comprise the Regional Unipol Councils (filling out questionnaires), suppliers and opinion leaders (through interviews).

The results of the materiality analysis updated for the 2022 - 2024 strategic planning period (Strategic Plan “Opening New Ways”) and the 2022 report will be published in the Integrated Report.

 Materiality Matrix

Matrice di materialità Unipol