An overview of the ratings issued by rating agencies.

Financial strength ratings are assigned to operating companies and are opinions on the insurer’s ability to meet obligations towards policyholders.

Financial Strength Rating

Moody's Fitch AMBEST* DBRS Morningstar
UnipolSai Assicurazioni Baa2 | Negative Outlook
(23 September 2022)
A- | Stable Outlook
(17 June 2022)
A- | Stable Outlook
(29 July 2022)
A high | Stable Trend
(12 November 2021)
UnipolRe A- | Stable Outlook 
(18 November 2021)
Siat A- | Stable Outlook 
(17 June 2022)
A- | Stable Outlook 
(29 July 2022)
A high | Stable Trend 
(1 December 2021)

Debt ratings are security specific opinions that reflect the instrument’s likelihood of default.


Issuer ISIN Typology Maturity date Rating
        Moody's Fitch
Unipol Gruppo XS1206977495 Senior Unsecured  03/18/2025 Ba1 BBB
XS1725580622 Senior Unsecured  11/29/2027 Ba1 BBB
XS2237434803 Senior Unsecured - Green 09/23/2030 Ba1 BBB
UnipolSai Assicurazioni XS1784311703 Subordinated 1/3/2028 Ba1 BBB-
XS1078235733 Subordinated perpetual Ba2 (hyb) BBB-
XS2249600771 Subordinated perpetual Ba2 (hyb) BB

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Last updated:Sep 26 2022