Unipol redefines its organizational and commercial strategic model

Dec 31 1993
Dec 31 1993

Unipol confirms and reinforces the choice to make the agency network the key distribution channel of the Group. The tools that Unipol provides its agents with are:

  • continuous professional training of all personnel working in the agencies;
  • possibility to supplement the insurance activities with a range of banking / financial products;
  • completion of the IT system, whose cost is fully borne by the Company, with benefits on the agencies’ management processes in terms of increased effectiveness of commercial activities and especially the customer management;

Unipol requires the agency network:

  • greater shared responsibility in the government of technical performance and customer portfolio management;
  • improvement, in quantitative and qualitative terms, of the network’s production capabilities, aiming at a gradual rebalancing of development in the motor vehicle, property and life businesses;
  • enhancement of the concept of agency as profit center, including through a new remuneration system, which further shifts the center of gravity from the fixed component to the variable component of commissions. All of which regulated by a supplementary Company / agents agreement (signed on April 7) that is unparalleled in the market.

The corporate agencies are the main laboratory of this qualification process of the distribution network of Unipol, and Assicoop, in 1994, is entrusted a challenging project “Redefinition of the strategic, organizational and business model”, which aims to re-interpret all activities, shifting the focus from management to commercial aspects.