Reputation Management

For us, reputation is a fully-fledged strategic orientation tool for business support, subject to constant monitoring so as to improve and permanently protect the Group's relational assets.

From 2014, we began to build a corporate reputation management system with the aim of integrating this asset into business planning processes on a permanent basis.

This year the Unipol Reputation Program will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, confirming the unparalleled value of the continuous monitoring and protection activities conducted.

Reputation is our product design, a true industrial asset, a strategic guidance tool to support the business and is subject to continuous monitoring in order to improve and permanently protect the Group’s relational assets.

The construction and defence of reputational capital are in the hands of two work sites in a path of constant mutual alignment:

  • “Corporate Communication and Media Relations” and
  • “Risk Management”. 

We have an aptitude for listening to the market which allows us to improve our offer and the relationships with our stakeholders, strengthening some main channels of dialogue.

Our model

Building and protection
An integrated approach to reputation management for the Group
General trend and Group ranking
RepTrak® Model
The framework for measuring reputation at the centre of our management system
Our strategy and objectives for 2024