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Urban Up is a project developed by the Unipol Gruppo S.p.A. dedicated to improving the buildings owned by the Group with the aim of raising the profile of some of the most important examples of Italian architecture. The project Urban Up, which was initiated in the city of Milan with the redevelopment of some of the buildings that symbolise Milan for their historical importance or their location, continues with the promotion of buildings in various other Italian cities.

A project that combines innovation and tradition in order to enhance the beauty and the importance of what are true icons of the Italian urban landscape. Through modernization and restructuring, skyscrapers, apartment buildings and historic buildings can once again occupy a leading position in the urban fabric.


The most recent and ambitious project of Urban Up | Unipol  is “INOLTRE. Sharing the city”, that aims to raise the value of the Milan hinterland, transforming the neighbourhoods into a workshop project featuring micro-architecture, design, applied research and events put on for the local residents.

We chose this name to highlight both the inclusive approach (IN) and the need to surmount the centre-suburb divide (OLTRE) and renegotiate the identity of the individual neighbourhoods with respect to all inhabitants.

The three areas covered by the project INOLTRE - Via Senigallia, Via dei Missaglia e Via Stephenson - will see the concept of urban enhancement translated into concrete actions, demonstrating its commitment to places that are wrongly considered as marginal.

Sustainability, health and inclusion are the three values that underlie the entire project, set out into 3 areas of research, one for each place: health and wellbeing in post-global and post-pandemic cities in Via Senigallia; art and design in relation to climate change in Via Stephenson; capitalising on common urban assets in relation to the local communities in Via dei Missaglia.

For finding more, read the Press Release and discover the dedicated website