Corporate supplementary agreement

Jun 16 1993
Jun 16 1993

On 16 June, the new supplementary agreement is signed. The agreement will make further important progress in the field of supplementary collective bargaining, both with respect to financial factors and in relation to regulations.

To supplement the provisions of national collective bargaining agreement, the following is established:

  • 0.25% supplement (for a total of 1.75% of the annual salary) in supplementary pensions emoluments of employees;
  • ability for workers with at least two years of service to withdraw an amount equal to a maximum of 3% of individual annual gross salary form individual provisions severance indemnity.

The attention devoted to the work environment is formalized for all practical purposes whereby the Company confirms its commitment to improving the environment, hygiene and safety in the workplace, both at the headquarters and at the local offices (environmental remediation work, as appropriate; cleaning of premises).