Professional development

Personal and professional growth and the improvement of employees’ skills is one of the key tools used by Unipol to achieve its objectives and operate in a constantly evolving market with increasingly up-to-date professional skills.

Number of employees by geographical area

*Last update 31.12.2023 - 2023 Consolidated Integrated Financial Statements 

Development systems

The Group embraces fair career development and remuneration policies, suited to the position filled, to the responsibility, to the level of professional expertise and individual abilities, in compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions and in keeping with the needs of sustainable performance.

The responsible approach that the Group adopts is oriented at attaining goals that are concrete, measurable and clear for everyone and at developing professional skills, and it encourages all staff members to perform their duties with commitment and a sense of belonging, including also team-based performance evaluations. The Group is developing dedicated projects to monitor and enhance the professional expertise and individual abilities, including actions aimed to strengthen the continuous feedback culture, that promote constructive exchanges among colleagues through immediate, direct and effective communication.

In line with the initiative for the Self-Assessment of Technical and Professional Skills, professional development programs, assessment centres and coaching projects have been set up. The main objective of these different methods is to support the professional development of individuals, checking their progress regularly.