Sector ranking and Group ranking

There was an improvement of perception in the reputation of Italian companies and the financial sector in 2020:

  • +1.7 overall points as the national average (the average reputation of Italian companies rose to 71 points, placing it in the strong category)
  • +3.3 points in the financial sector (comprising the insurance, banking, consumer credit and payment circuit sectors; the reputation of the sector rose to 65.5 points, placing it in the moderate category). 

RepTrack 2019

The Financial sector comprises 4 segments that all have different reputations. The insurance sector has a moderate reputation.

Reputation sectors in Italy

Reputational drivers relevance

Settore insurance - driver reputazionali

The factors that most influence reputation in the public opinion are different according to the business sector.

In the insurance sector the most important are (1) Governance, (2) Product & Services and (3) Innovation.








Reputational drivers performance

Insurance sector

67.3 is the average score of the companies, recorded in Italy, belonging to the segment ‘Financial-Insurance’, according to the ranking Italy RepTrak® 2020.









Reputation of the Unipol Group

Unipol Group reputation

One of the 2019-2020 Strategic Plan targets is to maintain our reputation as a leader in the sector, confirmed in 2020 for the fourth year running. However, the Group is engaged in an even more challenging commitment: to attain a permanent position in the strong reputational category (score >70 points) and ensure stable growth.

The Group has integrated the metric of the RepTrak® index within its Risk Appetite Framework, defining as the level of risk appetite the maintenance of the RepTrak® index at the stakeholder "Public Opinion" above the level of 60, or within the range "Average/Moderate (index 60-69). If, as part of the quarterly monitoring, the index should steadily fall below the threshold of 60, thereby entering the bracket “Weak / Vulnerable”, the Group will promptly adopt appropriate mitigation plans.