Corporate Governance System

The Corporate Governance System of Unipol Gruppo S.p.A. is based on the key role of the Board of Directors, on the transparency of business decisions, on the effectiveness of the internal control system and on rigorous management of potential conflicts of interest.

This system was also devised and established in accordance with principles and operational criteria which are in line with international practice and recommended by the Corporate Governance Code of the Italian Stock Exchange; it was implemented with the adoption of codes, principles and procedures which cover the activities of all the administrative and operational structures of the Company and which are constantly subject to review and updates to respond effectively to changes in the regulatory context and to changes in operating practices.

All the Company's governance tools, including the Group’s Code of Ethics, are subject to continual checks, including with regard to changes to the regulatory context, operating practices and markets, and are periodically monitored by internal bodies to verify their level of compliance.