RepTrak® Model

RepTrak® Model of the Reputation Institute

modello RepTrak®

The project design applies the RepTrak® model of the Reputation Institute, an authoritative international framework that measures reputation, identifies the factors that guide it and allows companies to track and compare their performance with respect to competitors. RepTrak® is the first standardized tool, integrated across the world, to frame and measure the corporate reputation with several stakeholder groups at the international level.

The heart of the RepTrak® model is Pulse, i.e. the emotional factor, which makes it possible to create a link between stakeholders and the Company and allows it to measure strengths based on four attributes: esteem, trust, admire and feeling. The soundness, or otherwise, of the link determines the Company’s reputation. 

The Reputation Institute has identified 7 rational factors that represent the “rationale” of reputation on which work can be done to change perceptions and therefore the behavior of stakeholders: 

  1. Products & Services
  2. Innovation
  3. Workplace
  4. Governance
  5. Citizenship
  6. Leadership
  7. Performance 

The RepTrak® Model

The RepTrak® index is the common metric adopted both for building and protecting Reputation and represents a link between the two souls of the integrated project as it forms its central hub thanks to its strong correlation with the stakeholders’ behavior of support, such as the stakeholders’ willingness to buy, recommend and invest, and with business variables, such as profit and market capitalization. 

Products / Services

  1. Provides safe and reliable products that keep promises made
  2. Guarantees timely claim management
  3. Offers transparent products that all customers can easily understand
  4. Supplements insurance policies with additional services to meet mobility, health/welfare and domestic (e.g. home automation) needs
  5. Ensures a fair quality-price ratio
  6. Guarantees maximum assistance and professionalism, identifying the solution that best suits customer needs


  1. Collects, organises and manages data to offer solutions designed for real customer needs
  2. Services and skills are updated to match technological developments in the sector
  3. Strongly oriented towards the digitalisation of its services
  4. Has an innovative and distinctive offer


  1. Values the potential of employees based on merit
  2. “Made up” of people who are passionate about what they do
  3. Respects diversity and promotes equal opportunities in the workplace
  4. Guarantees employees solutions to better balance private and professional life


  1. Operates fairly and ethically
  2. Dialogues on par with institutions for the definition of policies on issues of national interest
  3. Transparent relationships with stakeholders
  4. The company respects market and antitrust rules


  1. Dedicated to developing programs on financial education/inclusion and insurance culture
  2. The company offers the country proposals and solutions to meet public interest needs (social security, health, mobility, damage from climate change)
  3. Invests and funds initiatives related to the world of sport, culture and youth
  4. Particularly attentive and active with regard to environmental sustainability and climate change
  5. Close to the territory, the community and people


  1. Has a charismatic leader
  2. Has a widespread and competent agency network, covering the entire country
  3. Management is able to interpret and manage the challenges of the insurance market
  4. Is one step ahead of other insurance companies


  1. Guarantees excellent financial performance
  2. Has strong growth prospects
  3. Always keeps promises made in terms of results
  4. Has a sound and sustainable long-term capital structure