Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting 2024




Information on the company’s Share Capital and Voting Rights

At the date hereof, the Company’s share capital amounted to €3,365,292,408.03, divided into 717,473,508 Common Shares with no par value. On the same date, 717,319,648 Common Shares, i.e. excluding treasury shares and shares held by subsidiaries, will have voting rights.

Each share has the right to one vote. In accordance with article 127-quinquies of the Consolidated Law on Finance and article 6 of the Articles of Association however, two votes are allocated to each share which has belonged to the same shareholder for a continuous period of not less than twenty-four months starting from the date of registration on the special list set up specifically for that purpose and held and updated by the Company as provided for under the corporate Articles of Association (known as “shares with increased voting rights”).

In accordance with article 85-bis, paragraph 4 of Consob Regulation no. 11971/1999 (the “Issuers’ Regulation”), Unipol will notify the public and Consob, by the day following the record date, of the total amount of voting rights, indicating the number of shares comprising the share capital.

For further information please refer to the Section dedicated to shares with increased voting rights, available at https://www.unipol.it/en/investors/shareholding-structure/increased-voting-rights, where, in accordance with the provisions of article 143-quater of the Issuers’ Regulation, the identifying data of the Shareholders who requested registration on the Special List is also published, indicating the respective shareholdings that exceed the threshold indicated by article 120, paragraph 2 of the Consolidated Law on Finance.

At the date hereof, Unipol holds 153,860 common treasury shares in total (representing approximately 0.021% of the share capital), of which 14,927sharesdirectly and 138,933 shares indirectly held through the following subsidiaries: UnipolSai (73,694), Compagnia Assicuratrice Linear S.p.A. (14,743), Arca Vita S.p.A. (747), Leithà S.r.l. (5,239), SIAT S.p.A. (20,138), UniSalute S.p.A. (16,525), UnipolRental S.p.A. (6,656) and UnipolAssistance S.c.r.l. (1,191).