Sustainability Policies

The Sustainability Policy, approved by the Board of Directors at the beginning of 2018 and periodically updated, formalised the corporate culture standards, behavioural styles and goals of the Unipol Group.

The Sustainability Policy outlines the strategies for pursuing the Unipol Group's Sustainable Success and ESG risk management objectives, i.e. related to environmental, social and governance issues. The Policy includes, as an attachment, “The Unipol Group strategy on climate change", which defines the Group's commitments to reduce climate-changing emissions. The Policy also specifies the roles and responsibilities of the corporate bodies and structures involved in the ESG risk management process.

Diritti umani e lavoro

Protection of human and workers’ rights

Tutela ambientale

Equal opportunities

Correttezza e trasparenza

Protection of the environment, the land, sea and freshwater ecosystems and tackling climate change

Corrette pratiche di business

Honesty and transparency towards customers

Pari opportunità

Due Diligence

Integrazione della sostenibilità

Honest business practices, with special attention towards lobbying and tax strategy practices

Integrazione della sostenibilità

The integration of sustainability into the business