Corporate Welfare

At the Unipol Group, welfare is generative: it liberates and regenerates energy, enhances individual skills and revitalises. It makes life more meaningful and, at the same time, easier to face.

At the Unipol Group, welfare is provided at two levels



The first so-called “historical” level concerns activities related to healthcare and supplementary pension schemes. These benefits, introduced partly as a result of bargaining with trade unions, have long been a key aspect of the relationship between the company and its employees. Healthcare benefits and supplementary pension schemes are currently provided by 9 Pension Funds and 19 Industry Funds covering employees in the insurance, agricultural, commercial, tourism and tertiary sectors.  


The second type of welfare, in addition to the company contract, includes initiatives aimed at facilitating personal and professional life synergies to meet your most important life necessities and those of your families. It is divided into 3 areas:

Services for You

Designed to facilitate and enrich your quality of life, range from Parenting support projects - with Maam, the Online Course for Parents, which trains the skills of new and future parents with thematic seminars to accompany your children’s growth, and Bring Your Children Day to promote the balance between personal and professional life - to Services promoting well-being in partnership with gyms and special discounts for counselling and coaching sessions; to Volunteering initiatives, including Colletta Alimentare (food collection) and the Service Libera Tempo (gain time) either in the office (delivery of medicines, laundry and shoemaker, delivery of social farming organic fruit and vegetables) or at home, such as housecleaning and maintenance services from selected partners.

Services for your Children 

Integrated services to facilitate access to reliable and selected experts and organizations.

From nursery to babysitting services, from Summer Camps to language study holidays, math training, guidance services for parents and children, Unipol Scholarships to reward merit and Intercultural Scholarships, which include an experience abroad to foster language learning and,  more importantly, to promote openness to the world.

Services for Your Family 

Include activities and services that support and facilitate you in caregiving if you have a family member who is not self-sufficient or a loved one that may have special needs.

In this case, services range from the contact centre with specialised personnel available every day by telephone for a first contact, to classroom seminars on specific topics, to an integrated network of local services, accredited in terms of quality, to meet all your caregiving needs and those of your family member.

Creating welfare together

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people who use the services are satisfied with the initiatives
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Welfare: Survey 2016 vs. 2018

A summary of the findings of the survey conducted in October 2018 on our Group’s Welfare. The goal was to verify the people’s general perception of corporate welfare, to measure their level of awareness of individual initiatives, their use of and satisfaction with such initiatives, and to collect their demands for the future.

Survey participation 

Awareness of corporate welfare services 

Perception of corporate welfare services 

User satisfaction 

Most popular initiatives 

Demands for the future 

The first achievements