Governance of sustainability

In line with its role of guidance and control, the Holding exercises advisory, propositional and decision-making functions through both the Ethics Committee, formed exclusively by Independent Directors, and the Sustainability Committee.

Supervision of ESG issues

The monitoring of the Group ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) risks is incorporated into a risk management system inspired by Enterprise Risk Management logic (“ERM Framework”) based on considering all the current and prospective risks to which the Group is exposed on an integrated basis, evaluating the impact that said risks could have on reaching the strategic targets.

At a general level, as provided by the Sustainability Policy, the Unipol Board of Directors, also in the exercise of their Group management and coordination, is in charge of defining the identification, evaluation and management model of the main ESG risks, with the support of the Sustainability Committee, and examination by the Control and Risks Committee and the Group Risk Committee.

Governance of the ESG issues

Governance of the ESG issues