Merger of the claims settlement offices of Unipol, MeieAurora and Linear.

Dec 12 2002
Dec 12 2002

An agreement is reached between Unipol, MeieAurora and the trade unions on the strategy and unification project of the claims settlement offices of the various Group companies, which provides:

  • work at the operations center for the electronic collection and settlement of claims, called “Sertel”, throughout the national territory for Unipol, MeieAurora and Linear;
  • structuring of the Group Claims Settlement Department in local settlement areas, which the Group Settlement Centers report to, following the unification project of local settlement offices of Unipol and MeieAurora.
  • establishment of a forum for discussion between the trade unions and the companies involved in the integration project to assess the performance of the unification project of the claims settlement offices;
  • choice of criteria (e.g. techno-professional skills, aptitude, level of experience acquired) for professional mobility of staff in the Group Claims Settlement Department;
  • implementation of an educational and training program (to be previously communicated to and discussed with the trade union organizations) to be implemented according to the individual needs and skills of those concerned in order to facilitate the process of professional integration and development of staff employed in the Group settlement area.