Transfer of employees from Unipol Assicurazioni to Unipol Banca

Nov 29 2007
Nov 29 2007

On 29 November, following the publication of a recruitment announcement by Unipol Banca, the Parties enter into discussions about the procedure to transfer applicants considered eligible by establishing:

  • award of an extraordinary one-off bonus on entry;
  • no trial period;
  • assignment of a number of days of holiday leave equal to the rights accrued in the company of origin at the time of the transfer;
  • award of a number of seniority increases equal to those earned in the company of origin at the time of the transfer and maintenance of the accrual date of the next seniority increase;
  • safeguarding of gross annual salary;
  • commitment to seeking appropriate solutions for cases of critical situations in the operational inclusion into Unipol Banca;
  • commitment to activating a single “Social Security Fund” and a single pension fund for all employees of the Unipol Group, including with the objective to encourage the gradual process of contractual harmonization at the level of social security and pension benefits.