Meie Aurora is incorporated

Jun 01 2001
Jun 01 2001

The merger of Aurora Assicurazioni into Meie Assicurazioni takes effect. The new Company takes the name Meie Aurora.

Between 27 and 28 June, a memorandum of understanding is reached between Unipol and the trade unions regarding the merger of Aurora Assicurazioni, Meie Assicurazioni and Meie Vita. In particular, in view of an organizational expansion, the Parties agree on:

  • creation of a single competitive and efficient Company in a three-year period;
  • commencement of appropriate and specific training courses aimed at professional retraining;
  • organization of the company in five major areas of responsibilities and functions under the General Manager: two of the five areas dedicated to insurance activities, and three remaining areas dedicated to Personnel and General Services, Administration, Finance and Information Systems, Life Business.