Unipol Group main sponsor of the exhibition 'Marilyn Monroe: the woman behind the myth

Jun 01 2016
Sep 19 2016
Palazzo Madama - Turin

From 1 st June to 19th September, Norma Jeane Mortenson, aka Marilyn Monroe, the most famous and talked-about Hollywood diva of all time, is on display in Turin at Palazzo Madama: the exhibition features around 150 items of memorabilia that recount the life of the actress behind the scenes. A woman who made femininity her very essence: "I’m very definitely a woman, and I enjoy it". A woman whose face became an icon in one of the most famous portraits by Andy Warhol. A woman whose photo portraying her in that famous white pleated dress over the grates of the New York subway is one of the most famous images of the twentieth century.

The Unipol Group decided to get involved in this important event for the city of Turin, once again reaffirming its wish to participate in the cultural and artistic life of the city, in line with its values and the belief that the economic development of the company must progress while simultaneously accompanying and supporting the cultural and social growth of the communities in which it operates.