“Incredibile ma vero” Campaign signed by UnipolSai is back ​​​​

Feb 23 2014
Feb 23 2014

Sunday, 23 February, the advertising campaign “Incredibile ma vero” is back on TV. 

After last autumn’s success, the advertising campaign “Incredibile ma vero” returns signed by UnipolSai Assicurazioni. 
The campaign promotes a new purchase method in the car insurance world, closer to the needs of the people: monthly installments of motor vehicle insurance premiums at 0% annual nominal rate and APR and zero additional cost. 
The communication concept may be summarized in the “Incredibile ma vero!” claim, which emphasizes the concreteness of a very useful initiative in times of difficulty for Italian families, who in the continuing economic crisis can, thanks to the Unipol Group, count on the unexpected relief offered by a purchase method finally closer to their spending ability.
The advertising campaign is supported by an innovative price quotation tool, unique in the insurance market: FullQuote, the Unipol Group’s estimate calculator that combines speed, simplicity, completeness and customization of the offer. It allows customers to obtain complete quotes for their motor vehicle insurance and it shows the option for premium payment by monthly installments without interest in a direct and straightforward manner.
The campaign will continue to be scheduled even on the radio, the Web and trade press throughout the year.