The new Corporate Site of Unipol Group now online

Oct 24 2016
Oct 24 2016

Online today the new the corporate site of the Unipol Group designed to represent and share its commitment and closeness to stakeholders as an expression of Unipol’s identity and leadership.  The new site is at the centre of the new integrated communication strategy of the Group, confirming that the pervasiveness of the digital world is now evident in the daily lives of each of us, bringing with it new needs, new rhythms of life and new expectations. 

This important development intends to consolidate the reputation of the brand by relying on simplicity, speed, empowering people and innovation, the 4 key drivers of “UnipolToBe”, the three-year 20162018 strategic plan of the group.  The site also makes it possible to share the distinctive values and features of Unipol - including responsibility, transparency and a focus on the future and the younger generations - with all its stakeholders so as build on these relationships and direct efforts towards goals common to customers, shareholders, investors and agents.   
The new corporate site of Unipol Gruppo Finanziario stands out in the digital landscape as the main channel giving suitable space to the many activities of the Group and its people. This integral view of the various governance and business areas, together with the sustainability plan and related environmental, social and economic initiatives, characterises all content architecture.  
The clean look and strongly personalised visual elements created especially for Unipol’s new digital identity make navigation intuitive and effective, accompanied by advanced search functions. Formats, initiatives and communication styles that focus on people, with a clear and authoritative tone, provide access to a rich multimedia archive with constantly updated photo and video galleries.   The technical solutions adopted are also a key factor: as well as having an adaptable multi-device structure, the site also incorporates the social media channels of the Group on Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, thus creating reciprocal and continuous interaction throughout digital corporate communication. 
Guided by the Digital Team of the External Communication and Corporate Image Department, the project was realised with the support of the Information Systems Department and was created by Message under the coordination of Alberto Zambolin in partnership with Information Services Professional Solutions Italy of the London Stock Exchange Group, specialised in digital corporate communication. The presentation video was directed by Luca Olivieri.