Euresa Forum on innovative projects in Bologna

Jul 08 2016
Jul 08 2016

On 10 and 11 January, the Forum devoted to innovative projects with greater strategic vision for the various Euresa partners opens at the headquarters of Unipol in Bologna. All the top managers of the associated companies take part in the Forum. Topics range from innovation in distribution strategies with the use of the Internet channel to direct sales techniques (in particular the models being set up in Italy and Belgium), innovation in the automotive industry with repercussions on insurers, innovation in claims management, new management of human resources and ethical issues in communication. Unipol presents three projects in progress in which the Group is investing in terms of manpower and resources:

  1. The integrated insurance-bank distribution model (from traditional agency to financial outlet to the integrated bancassurance point of sale, call center and Internet) with Antonio Di Matteo, General Manager of Unipol Banca, as speaker;
  2. Unisalute: an original proposal for supplementary health care services, with Lorenzo Bifone, General Manager of Unisalute as speaker;
  3. Sertel and Linear: call centers and the internet for a complete service to users, from the sale of policies to claims management, with Carmelo De Marco, co-General Manager of Unipol Assicurazioni and Maurizio Camagni, General Manager of Linear, as speakers.