First computer is purchased

Mar 01 1969
Mar 01 1969

In 1969, after equipping itself with a small software development department, the DPC of Unipol acquires and installs a computer with the relevant peripherals to handle all issues in complete autonomy.

The first computer installed is connected with 4 magnetic disk drives of the type available at the time. The disks can store 7.25 mb each, they are removable and can be mounted or dismounted on units according to the processing needs.

Initially it is a computer of no great power but sufficient for the management of a company of the Unipol size. The connected peripherals are essentially, a punch-card reader (the only means to collect and enter data at that time); a printer for all printing requirements (receipts, accounting records, etc.); magnetic tape units for archives (portfolio, claims, etc.); magnetic disk drive (for business areas, data selection and sorting, etc.).

With the arrival of the ordered computer at the Company, for which the premises and service equipment required for its operation are prepared (specific environmental conditioning, fire systems and burglar alarm systems, uninterruptible power supply), the Company starts to increase the workforce of programmers who are given the required training courses and the first engine room operator is hired and assigned to the computer’s operation. He performs the loading / unloading of magnetic coils on special units, loads the modules required by programs on the printer (receipts, premium register, etc.) and loads the punch-cards, which, at that time, are the only way to enter new data.