The Sustainability in 2019–2021 Strategic Plan

Constructing a strategy aimed at sustainability means that the Unipol Group focuses its commitment on innovation, with the main goal of improving the quality of life of our customers by offering solutions for the protection, support and realisation of their projects, and partnering businesses, public institutions and territorial communities to support development and promote wellbeing.

The 2019 – 2021 Strategic Plan

The 2019 – 2021 Strategic Plan “Mission Evolve” responds to these requirements, identifying one of the strategic guidelines in the “Shared value and sustainable development”, with the aim of creating shared value through business strategies that make a real contribution towards the sustainable development of people, businesses and territories, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 2030 Agenda.

There are two main areas of work in this sense:

  1. the definition of distinctive solutions that can have a positive social impact in order to help prevent and reduce risks to customers (such as risks connected to climate change) and to fill any gaps in the protection of underinsured categories (as can happen due to limits in public health spending) while increasing Group profitability.
  2. the strengthening of an internal culture that incorporates management of the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors and contributes towards the sustainable development of the Group vision, strategies and processes (from governance to network management, empowerment of staff and the use of data and technology).

Unipol is thereby committed to significantly contributing to the achievement of its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the realisation of its strategies with a specific impact on SDG nos. 3, 8 and 11.

Spreading of
integrated thinking

shared value

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Economic growth
and social

A concrete and measurable
value creation

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Impact of 2019-2021
strategies on the country

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2021 Shared Value

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shared value

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A concrete and measurable
value creation

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Impact of 2019-2021
strategies on the country

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2021 Shared Value

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Internal culture-building that integrates ESGs factors and contributions to sustainable development in the Group’s vision, strategies and processes.


From: Principles, behaviour styles and goals coherent with the corporate culture to be formalised in the Sustainability Policy inspired to the Global Compact.

To: Environmental and social items to be fully integrated at all decision-making levels; management of risks and opportunities related to business processes. Correct evaluation of impacts of risks created and suffered, as well as of climate-related opportunities, on business model, strategic guidelines and financial planning.

Group's people

From: Consolidation of corporate culture and integration of corporate welfare activities, health prevention and qualification of working places.

To: Digital working place to be tested and welfare initiatives to be strengthened.



Operations network

From: Adoption of an organizational and management model distributed all over the country to consolidate the reliability and quality of the commercial presence in view of simplification and digitalization.

To: Agencies to be enhanced in environmental and social terms through partnerships with the Third Sector.




From: Adjustment of institutions and instruments to guarantee the respect of correct business practices and customer protection from technology-related risks.

To: A Digital Responsibility culture to be built-up with internal and external stakeholders, in order to increase the protection of individuals and personal identity. Promotion of digital awareness.



Real Estate

From: Monitoring and reduction of buildings consumptions through ISO 50001 and energetic Audit to identify energy efficiency actions.

To: Energy efficiency and requalification actions of real estate to be continued. Excellence green buildings to be realized.




From: Creation of a management system of corporate reputation integrated in business processes (RepTrak® Model).

To: Reputational indexes to be used as strategic leverage to guide and evaluate the impacts of action plans on reputation.





Increasing Group profitability while contributing to customers’ risk prevention and reduction and bridging the protection gap of underinsured categories.

Adapting to climate change

Development of predictive models for climate risk for businesses to increase the resilience of various sectors; support through knowledge transfer on risk prevention and management.

Internet of things for sustainable cities

Development of offers to the market which promote sustainable development models through an innovative use of IoT, with particular attention to urban areas.

Extension and qualification of welfare offer

Strengthening of tools and solutions to qualify a distinctive Group’s Welfare offer to customers, while guaranteeing the respect of values relating to both products and processes.

Definition of accessible solutions that integrate the public welfare, extending protection to a broader public and taking action in prevention.

Financial inclusion

Solutions to increase the access to better welfare conditions for millennials.

Widening distribution channels

Widening distribution channels to reach new underinsured segments, thereby guaranteeing protection to a wider public and reducing risk.

Domotic for property

Evolution of domotic integration, insurance and assistance, also in a logic of open architecture.

Strategic guidelines

Technical excellence evolution

Guarantee the profitability of the business through the continuous search for more advanced levels of technical excellence, exploiting the technical and technological leadership in the areas of pricing, risk selection and claims settlement

Distribution excellence evolution

Maximize the value of the UnipolSai brand
Increase the frequency and effectiveness of Customer contacts
Maximise the commercial effectiveness of the leading Italian insurance network, hiring new professionals and providing integrated support through remote channels
Development of the Bancassurance channel and Partnerships

Beyond insurance

Become the reference point for our Customers in the Mobility, Welfare and Property ecosystems, leveraging our skills and benefiting from the integration of our assets

People & tehcnology

Invest in people and technology to accelerate the evolution of our operating model towards simplification and efficiency

Shared value and sustainable development

Create shared value for the Group and its stakeholders, and help to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), reducing underinsurance and developing products and services that increase the security, resilience and sustainability of people, companies, cities and territories