Initiatives with Public Institutions


global compactIn 2018, the Unipol Group joined the UN Global Compact, a United Nations project established in 2000 to encourage companies all over the world to adopt sustainable policies and make their results public.  The Global Compact requires its participating companies and organisations to agree, sustain and apply a set of basic principles within its sphere of influence, regarding human rights, working standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.
Unipol published its first Communication on Progress (CoP) for 2019.

Communication on Progress (CoP) - 2020 

CoP-United Nations Global Compact


   The Unipol Group signed the Principles for Responsible Investment in 2017, undertaking to consider social, environmental and governance factors when considering where to invest.

It is a United Nations initiative (UN PRI) which uses a combination of requests for commitment, agreement of best practices and learning support to help the Group understand the implications of the ESG factors in its operations as an asset manager.


unipol gruppoThe Unipol Group constantly strives to create a work environment that guarantees equal opportunities to everybody, and the recognition of individual potential and skills. In order to reinforce this commitment, Unipol adopted the “Equal Opportunities and Equality at Work Charter” which sets out the basic principles that Unipol uses to construct - with involvement by the Corporate Equal Opportunities Commission - inclusiveness initiatives in the world of work, with specific focus on equal opportunities between men and women.

Placing value on diversity at Unipol both works to actively combat discrimination and helps build business competitiveness and success.

TALANOA (ex Paris Pledge for Action)

talanoaUnipol (as it had previously done for the Paris Pledge for Action) subscribed to the Talanoa Call for Action, a declaration of commitment organised as a series of actions agreed by governments and companies at the Talanoa Dialogue organised by the European Commission in June 2018; the aims is to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius as agreed in the Paris Agreement for climate change, doing everything possible to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

This position is in line with the Group’s commitment to support the transition towards a low-carbon economy and society through its strategic choices and business processes.


   In November 2020, Unipol became a supporter of the Task-Force on Climate-related Disclosure to consolidate his commitment to reporting climate-related information.


   In March 2021, Unipol became a signatory of UNEP FI Principles for Sustainable Insurance to strengthen the contribution as risk managers and investors to economic, social and environmental sustainability, in other words, sustainable development.