With 13% of the Italian population covered by welfare policies (Health and Life), Unipol Group is called to play a crucial role in the integration between public and private welfare in a context of falling birth rate, aging populutaion, and constant decline of public resources.

To protect health the Group, in addition to offering Long Term Care and Term Life Insurance coverage, through its subsidiary UniSalute (with over 8 million policyholders) is committed to increasing accessibility to services thanks to the experimentation of innovative care and treatment models for customers, also via IoT and Telemedicine, and the development of a network of affiliated healthcare facilities.
The Group’s offer is characterised by an integrated social security and healthcare model, created through the insurance and non-insurance health services offered by the SiSalute division of UniSalute Servizi. These include:

  • flexible benefits;
  • the SiSalute Card, making it possible to book appointments, tests and physiotherapy sessions at discounted rates at affiliated healthcare facilities, representing a health protection tool for individuals, who are given quick access to quality healthcare facilities at lower-than-market rates; 
  • MONITOR SALUTE®, the remote monitoring service for certain chronic diseases directly through devices at policyholders’ homes, with the continuous advice of doctors and Case Managers through the UniSalute Helpline.

Supporting families in the supplementary pension sector, at the end of 2020 the Group managed retirement savings totalling almost 5 €bl, for over 480 thousand members of Occupational Pension Funds and over 260 thousand members of other complementary pension schemes.

The 2019-2021 Strategic Plan describes the Group’s efforts to strengthen its current offer of products and services in this area. 

With particular reference to complementary pension schemes, UnipolSai’s pension offer includes an “Ethical Protection” segment which invests in a diversified portfolio of predominantly bond instruments along with some equities in the Euro Zone which are entirely managed according to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria.