The Group offer for homes, companies and businesses is marked by the constant search for innovation through telematics, home automation and specific repair services offering integrated assistance.

In this field, Group efforts are focused on protecting businesses against crucial and increasingly common risks among worries of the system as a whole, such as those associated with climate change, cyber risk and - particularly in 2020 - health protection:

  • As regards climate change, beyond products and guarantees to mitigate economic consequences - such as the “organic special” indemnity that over-calculates the indemnity due to organic businesses against weather-related claims - and those supporting Disaster Recovery processes, are prevention services and tools. Among these, CRAM, a self-assessment climate risk tool designed to help Italian SMEs overcoming extreme climate events, used by 7,000 businesses in 2020 (+1,000 compared to 2019).
  • In a year of enormous acceleration of digitalisation, the “Cyber Risk” guarantee recorded a 24% increase in premiums compared to previous year, offering real intervention and indemnities for a wide range of cases. Among these are the indemnity for expenses incurred in resolving software malfunctions and restore hacked records, the indemnity due to the removal of information from the web causing reputational damages or for unlawful use of data in the event of records hacking.
  • As regards Health protection, focus was on SMEs and professional firms, entities recording an average of 2.5 employees for which granting regional authorisations for individual return-to-work protocols proves more complex. In partnership with SiSalute, UniSalute developed the initiative #SicuriRipartiamo: a web-based portal offering tailor-made services, allowing employers to safely re-open their activities and prevent the risk of COVID-19 in partnership with the public health service.

The 2019-2021 Strategic Plan provides for the evolution of this offer to guarantee greater protection and assistance for property, with additional services that also have a positive impact on the environment (for example, energy savings and pollution prevention).