The Group’s offer for homes, companies and businesses is characterised by the constant search for innovation through telematics, home automation and specific repair services with integrated assistance.

In this field, Group efforts have focused on marketing new premiums with innovative guarantees:

  • UnipolSai Agricoltura&Servizi, which provides insurance coverage against climatic events, with the option of insuring up to 100% of the value of the property and its contents. A “special organic allowance” provides for a 20% mark-up of compensation for organic products.
  • UnipolSai Terzo Settore, conceived and created for associations and organisations that pursue the objectives of solidarity and social utility typical of the third sector.
  • “Energia Sole”, dedicated to companies that produce energy from renwable sources, with the option of activating a “Salva Sole” guarantee that provides economic support for photovoltaic systems in case of reduced energy production due to a reduction in solar radiation.  

These products are joined by the development of an increasingly wide range of guarantees including, for example, Digital Protection (against cyber risks) that provides a technical support service and specific compensation in case of cyber attacks, and the “Pronta Ripresa” guarantee that offers policyholders the availability of affiliated companies specialised in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, thus reducing indirect economic damage.

The 2019-2021 Strategic Plan provides for the evolution of this offer to guarantee greater protection and assistance for property, with additional services that also have a positive impact on the environment (for example, energy savings and pollution prevention).