The Unipol Group is first in Italy in the MV business, with approximately 9 million MV policies; mobility is therefore an area in which the Group can have a significant impact.

With over 4 million black boxes installed in vehicles and integrated in TPL policies, the Unipol Group is able to contribute to safer mobility and implement the quick and effective management of claims to the benefit of the company, customers (e.g. greater safety and assistance and km rates) and the community (e.g. fraud prevention).

The use of telematics provides the company, in aggregate and anonymous form (with no impact on customer privacy), big data on mobility behaviour, which can be used in partnership with public actors to promote sustainable development models for cities based on the innovative use of IoT.  The 2019-2021 Strategic Plan describes the Group’s commitment to the development of projects in this area.

As in other ecosystems, the Mobility ecosystem is also characterised by the direct and integrated governance of collateral service processes, contiguous to the core business. In the field of Mobility, the Group’s offer stands out for having internalised roadside assistance, maintenance services and the direct repair of damages (UnipolService and UnipolGlass), meaning that it supports customers by solving and not just compensating the damages suffered.

More recently, the Group expanded its proposal for the MV segment through its presence on, among others, the Long-Term Rental market and the acquisition of an online platform for used car sales, which will allow Unipol to complete its proposal, supporting circular economy.