For the Game. Not the Gamble

Per gioco. No per azzardo - logoThis awareness and information campaign on the risks of gambling arose from the need to curb a social phenomenon that has massively expanded in recent years.  

The project was developed in cooperation with various partners committed to raising awareness on the issue, from the NO SLOT Movement Association, to the creators of “Play our game”, a social cooperative of educational services.

For our Group, this commitment means promoting awareness on the impact gambling has on society.

Campaign activities include the implementation of consistent practices ranging from the inclusion of gambling among emerging risk factors, to incentives for businesses that choose to divest in gambling and the introduction of portfolio screening criteria.

Moreover, cultural awareness activities have been organised such as the “Play our game” conference organised in different Italian cities, the “Art 4 U” competition for undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples awarding and exhibiting the most outstanding works, the creation of a Youth Gambling Observatory with the “Young Millennials Monitor” survey by Nomisma on the habits, motivations and approach to gambling of over 10 thousand young students between the ages of 14 and 19, and the exhibition of cartoons addressing the issue from different angles, using irony to promote the cultural change needed.

All campaign initiatives and research are shared on Facebook and Twitter social media pages.

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