EOS. Learning about Insurance

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Creating economic awareness and citizenship across different generations by spreading knowledge about insurance risks, products and terminology. This is the objective of the EOS-Learning About Insurance project launched at schools, online and on social media.

At high schools, EOS-Learning About Insurance launched a program on “life events”, which involves around a thousand students across the regions of Central and Northern Italy each year, to raise awareness and inform students that risk can be managed and controlled, and even configured as a useful opportunity. For more information on school participation, please visit the official website: www.unipoleos.it

Online and on social media, the project includes the sharing of 1-2 minute YouTube episodes, Twitter content and articles on the site http://www.lamiafinanza.it/unipol-eos that, on the one hand, outline the key terminology, opportunities and risks to be aware of when taking out insurance and, on the other hand, explore emerging issues and challenges in the insurance sector.
Articles regularly published on the site "La mia Finanza.it" have been gathered in a WikiBook: its chapters take readers on a journey into the world of insurance, to learn about its history, basic concepts and products.

EOS project's social channels: 

TW: https://twitter.com/unipol_eos

YT: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzkoie0vqqiu9XFw5Ox4ZZju5oMRORqw1