UnipolSai – Le Contemporanee

According to OECD data, financial literacy in Italy is poor; only 37% of the population correctly understand basic financial concepts, putting the country in penultimate position among the G20 countries.

The situation is even more complex if we consider the financial knowledge of women.

In Italian families, 7 times out of 10 it is the man that takes the important financial decisions. Only 25% of Italian women take financial decisions in the family, and this 25% is largely made up of single, separated or divorced women, or widows.

Women are better at managing money on a daily basis and, even though they earn less (€15,000 less than their male colleagues on average each year), they are less likely to fall into debt, showing a greater propensity to save, and are responsible for many large and small purchasing decisions.

In short, women buy and save but often entrust men with managing their personal savings or those of the family. This really is the best possible approach?

Together with Le Contemporanee, UnipolSai has launched the “Financial education and women” project, a series of 5 videos aimed at stimulating reflection on the relationship between women and finance with the primary goal of supporting the achievement of personal and professional objectives and helping to guarantee peace of mind and wellbeing in the future.

“Le Contemporanee”, UnipolSai’s partner in this initiative, is a social and digital start-up company founded in 2019 with the aim of bringing together men, women, institutions, and businesses to give a voice to talented individuals, encourage dialogue about diversity, and produce in-depth information and exclusive papers via public meetings, social media channels and an innovation digital platform.