RepTrak® Risk Analyzer

The building of reputational capital is also essential for the purpose of managing reputational risk as it provides a potential “air bag” function cushioning against the impact of any crises and allowing for a quicker recovery. On the other side, adopting a structured approach to the protection of Reputation is essential for the purpose of Reputation Building activities as it makes it possible to forestall particularly critical issues, giving the Company the chance to direct its mitigation strategies and provide leverage for communication.

The Group’s objective is to act in advance as much as possible through proactive and integrated management, adoption of mitigation plans and alert systems and the promotion and dissemination of reputational culture.

A special tool has been developed for the management of reputational risk that allows the identification of priority risks according to the dual view of probability and impact, impact analysis for each of the seven dimensions of the Group’s reputation scorecard, the preparation of an appropriate form for each major risk mapped with the setting of recovery plans and the key departments to be involved.