The Unipol forest is born

On the occasion of Christmas 2021, the Unipol Group has activated a partnership that gives concrete value to the principles of sustainability that have always guided its work: in collaboration with Treedom, it has created its first corporate forest, with 11 thousand trees growing in different countries of the world on three continents: Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar), Asia (Nepal) and South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti).

As a gift, each Group employee will receive a tree, which they can choose and follow along its growth span over time, acting as its guardian and receiving updates on its development and on the life of the local community that will be taking care of it.

This project will contribute to the achievement of 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) included in the UN 2030 Agenda and will have a particular impact on the following Goals: Goal 8 (Economic Growth), Goal 12 (Sustainable consumption and production), Goal 13 (Climate Action) and Goal 15 (Life on Land).

During their life cycle, the trees of the Unipol forest will be absorbing 2,362 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, i.e. approximately 10,000 round trips from Milan to Rome by car.

Trees play a crucial role indeed: from an environmental standpoint, they absorb CO2, improve air and water quality and promote the preservation of biodiversity; from a social standpoint, the development of agroforestry systems contributes to increasing the income of farmers in local communities.

Treedom is a web platform that allows users to plant a tree remotely and follow the history of the project to which it belongs online, through the voices of the people who take care of it.