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Simone Giannelli

Born in Bolzano on 9 August 1996, Simone Giannelli is one of the best Italian volleyball players of all time. He is currently setter for the Sir Safety Perugia club and captain of the Italian national team.

Simone started playing volleyball in his hometown, for the Südtirol youth club. In 2010, still very young, he was bought by Trentino Volley where he played 12 seasons in the youth sector and senior team, winning 2 championships. In 2021 he transferred to Sir Safety Perugia, where he still plays today.

He made his debut with the senior national team in 2015, immediately winning bronze at the European Championship, and in 2016 he won a silver medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. As captain he won gold and the MVP award first in the 2021 European Championship, then in the 2022 World Championship.

Volleyball is his life, sport is part of his every day and Simone has a strong wish to share its values by example, on and off the court.
Like in his comic book, Il mio primo manuale della pallavolo (My First Volleyball Manual), published in 2021, in which he plays the role of a motivating superhero who leads a group of kids on a fun and dynamic journey to discover the world of volleyball: its rules and ethics, victories and defeats, its values and, most importantly, the inclusion of team sport. 

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