Re/assuring faces. Work and people at Unipol Group

The historical archive CUBO inaugurates BUSINESS STORY TELLING Re/assuring faces. Work and people at Unipol Group, the annual exhibition that promotes the historical and documentary heritage of the company.

The fourth edition of the cycle BUSINESS STORY TELLING is dedicated to people.

The story of the companies that belong to the Unipol Group - Fondiaria, SAI, Unipol, UniSalute, Linear and others - is the story of the people who have worked there and enabled them to grow. It is also the story of how the insurance industry is structured and how it has changed in Italy over the last two centuries: providing security and assistance is a unique service, one rooted in the needs of society and, therefore, one that reflects its changes.

The people and work of insurance companies - a scenario that has transformed in the wake of Covid-19 - is the chosen theme of the 2020 exhibition by the Unipol Group's Historical Archive. The exhibition opens with images submitted by countless colleagues who have devoted great personal commitment to experimenting with new methods of work and communication in their interactions with the business and our clients.