The Unipol Group operation with Starlink in Emilia-Romagna continues

The Unipol Group operation activated in collaboration with Starlink to restore Internet coverage in the flood-affected areas of Emilia-Romagna continues: the terminals purchased by the Unipol Group have been distributed and installed locally to guarantee business continuity. 

They are already operative in Bologna at the Regional Civil Protection operations centre, which ensures the functioning of the Regional Alert System based on data from the rain gauge network and activates the support functions for emergency management.

Thanks to the restoration of Internet connectivity in Bondéno, in the Ferrara province, it was possible to restart the government facility for hydraulic operations in the Cavo Napoleonico canal, strategic infrastructure for the hydraulic protection of the lower Reno plains. 

In Cesena, activities at the Fashion School were able to resume, where over 70 young students are studying.

Watch the video with local interviews (italian version only).