Financial inclusion

A distinctive element of Unipol's business model is the commitment it has always undertaken to respond to a changing society that has new social needs, with the development of products and services that help to solve pressing social issues that have increasingly been caused by growing inequalities and lower social protection.

UnipolSai provides guarantees and services such as SalvaBenessere, SalvaPremio, zero interest rate funding, designed to safeguard the people's purchasing power in response to trends linked to the loss of purchasing power of the most vulnerable sections of the population, unemployment and job insecurity.

Non-EU citizens are given death and permanent disability coverage from accidents supplemented by a significant assistance package that, in addition to the repatriation of the body to their native country, also provides other guarantees, including the advice of an interpreter/mediator for explanations related to the product.

Unipol also participates in micro-insurance projects in collaboration with ICMIF (International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation). The 5-5-5 Mutual Micro-insurance project reaches up to 5 million uninsured households, i.e. 25 million people in total.

Income Protection

Serious illnesses and disabilities may jeopardise a household's or a business' income. In case of forced inactivity following an indemnifiable claim covered by the policy, Unipol provides solutions designed to mitigate financial loss.

Unipol also provides products created to encourage the gradual accrual of sums to cope with future study costs or a child's / grandchild's starting up of a business and the evolution in the composition of households.

Support for the Tertiary Sector, micro-enterprises and start-ups

Through a customised range of services created to meet protection needs that are anything but uniform, Unipol allows customers to choose from a combination of guarantees and coverage ceilings that best meet their security needs, based on the activity carried out by the Tertiary Sector Entity or microenterprise or start-up.

For large companies, cyber risk guarantees that protect against cyber attacks both for disruption of the production process and for own or third-party data thefts, and coverage for reputation damage, should be noted.