The Board Committees

The commitment by the Group to sustainable management is primarily guaranteed by giving two Committees of the Board of Directors the task of addressing and monitoring these aspects.

In accordance with its oversight and control role with consultation, proposal and decision-making functions, both the Ethics Committee comprising independent directors only and the Sustainability Committee will report to the holding company.
The Ethics Committee, in association with the Ethics Officer who has been appointed by the Board, will be in charge of ensuring that company policies are consistent with the principles of the Code of Ethics, work to raise awareness and understanding of the Code of Ethics, monitor compliance with the Code of Ethics and publish the Ethics Report once a year.

The Sustainability Committee supports the Board of Directors in defining the main model to identify, assess and manage the main ESG risks, especially including those linked to the climate, their impact on business strategies and the policies in place to achieve the COP21 targets, and to define the commitments and monitor Indicators. The Committee also agrees and approves the reporting instruments.

The Control and Risks Committee will also have specific responsibilities; it will have to examine the model for the identification, assessment and management of the main ESG risks, including climate-related ones, as part of its functions to support the Board of Directors in the identification and management of the main company risks, and in checking to ensure that they are correctly identified, adequately measured, managed and monitored.