Report by the European Observatory on Security drawn up by Demos&Pi and the Unipolis Foundation issued

Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - 16:09
  • Fears and uncertainties of Italians
    • Concerns regarding Covid-19 take up a large portion of the space previously occupied by other fears (political corruption, immigration and crime)
    • Even though economic uncertainty is falling, it is still the main concern of Italians, especially with regard to work
    • Italians say that there is at least one person in their families who:
      • has lost their job in the past 12 months (17%)
      • has experienced a deterioration in their job situation (30%)
      • has not been able to pursue their working activities (21%)
  • The public and scientific technological developments
    • 90% of Italians said that they trust science, considering statements by public sector doctors or scientists to be more trustworthy
    • Most people think that scientists should be consulted, but that decisions should be made by the politicians

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