Urban Up Unipol launches the “INOLTRE. Sharing the city”

Tuesday, July 21, 2020 - 12:29

A project to regenerate Milan suburbs.

A significant project that will extend over 300,000 sq m to give three outlying city suburbs opportunities for social occasions, culture, debate and researchalong with a series of architectural and artistic installations.

At a time when everyone needs a fresh start, participatory projects favouring social inclusion are important to help foster new functional purposes and value enhancement to create new social and cultural opportunities for everyone in suburban areas outside the city centre where they are normally sought.

This gave rise to the ambitious goals of “INOLTRE. Sharing the city”, the Urban Up | Unipol project that aims to raise the value of the Milan hinterland by changing perceptions, transforming the neighbourhoods into a workshop project featuring micro-architecture, design, applied research and events put on for the local residents. We chose this name to highlight both the inclusive approach (IN) and the need to surmount the centre- suburb divide (OLTRE) and renegotiate the identity of the individual neighbourhoods with respect to all inhabitants.

INOLTRE aims to be an international, interdisciplinary Think Tank that will support the entire project and ensure consistency between the ethics of the various actions and sustainability. It will include people from the world of academia and the general public, businesspersons and professionals including internationally famous designers such as David Chipperfield and Ben Val Berkel.

3 places, 3 values, 3 areas of research and 3 lines of action.

These are the paradigms of the approach that the Unipol Group wishes to use with INOLTRE to convert the concept of urban enhancement into action, demonstrating its commitment to places that are wrongly considered as marginal. Each of the three neighbourhoods will form the backdrop for specific activities that reflect their individual identities by taking a tactical urbanism approach that makes social interaction a key element in the process of developing the city.

Sustainability, health and inclusion are the three values that underlie the entire project, set out into 3 areas of research, one for each place: health and wellbeing in post-global and post-pandemic cities in Via Senigallia; art and design in relation to climate change in Via Stephenson; capitalising on common urban assets in relation to the local communities in Via dei Missaglia.



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