Moving towards new connected, autonomous, integrated, green mobility

Monday, June 27, 2022 - 17:28

Polytechnic University of Milan Study: within 20 years, one shared ownership car will replace 10 privately owned cars, and 20% of cars in Italy could already be immediately replaced with electric cars

Launch of the Centro Nazionale per la Mobilità Sostenibile (National Centre for Sustainable Mobility), co-funded by the PNRR (national recovery and resilience plan) with Unipol Group as one of the founding members

In the next twenty years, in medium-sized towns, one shared ownership car will replace 10 privately owned cars, to be mainly used in urban settings. We are actually at the start of a revolution, transitioning from mobility based on big cars powered by fossil fuels that are owned and driven by people to mobility characterised by light, electric, shared vehicles, driven by algorithms. There will also be a net separation of both the functional aspect - mainly served by self-driven robotaxis - and the emotional aspect - associated with a select niche of cars that will still be driven by humans and mostly privately owned.

This is what emerged from a study led by the Polytechnic University of Milan, based on an analysis of the movements of Italians’ cars, recorded through telematic boxes (with a representative sample of 10% of vehicles being driven), and presented today in Milan at the Feltrinelli Foundation during the first forum of The Urban Mobility Council, the Mobility Think Tank promoted by Gruppo Unipol with the patronage of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the European Commission. The project was established to bring together institutional stakeholders, universities and companies involved every day in the construction of sustainable mobility for the future: connected, autonomous, integrated and green.

The aim of the research by the Polytechnic University of Milan is to use current mobility data on vehicles driven on Italian roads to forecast, design and optimise future mobility models, in accordance with the main guidelines of electric, shared and autonomous mobility.

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