Media Relations Contacts

Fernando Vacarini
Media Relations Manager
Corporate and Finance Area

Responsible for managing the communication of corporate and finance contents, mandatory and discretionary, and the sustainability initiatives for the Unipol Group and its subsidiaries.

Paola Burzi
Paola Burzi | 02-51815655
Lorenzo Negromanti
Lorenzo Negromanti | 051-5072792
Valentina Piana | 02-51819506
Business Area – products, services, properties

Responsible for evaluating and promoting contents relating to the business – products, services, properties – of the Unipol Group and its subsidiaries.

Carla Chiari
Carla Chiari | 02-51815021
Federico Corvaglia
Federico Corvaglia | 02-51815288
Giulia Franchi | 051-5072492
Corporate Reputation Management & Digital PR Area

Responsible for leading the Unipol Group reputation management and measurement systems and the consolidation of corporate Digital PR using the Changes blog magazine and social networks Twitter and LinkedIn.

Paola Rosso
Paola Rosso | 051-5076139
Diana De Caprio
Diana De Caprio | 02-51815247
Marian Josè Sanò
Marian Josè Sanò - 051-5072120